Beginnings and Endings

Last Wednesday Katie and I went to dinner with an old friend and classmate, Nate, and his lovely wife. Nate and I were two of three Rice computer science 2001 graduates who started up companies at about the same time so we shared a special bond of cutting our teeth together. He is founder andContinue reading “Beginnings and Endings”

A Bad Week for the NFL

This was a terrible, terrible week for the NFL! It started when Peyton Manning was knocked out of the playoffs. With no Peyton, no Favre, and no Redskins, what possible interest do I have in the postseason? And speaking of the Redskins, they had major layoffs this week and my favorite employee of theirs wasContinue reading “A Bad Week for the NFL”

A Great Day for Football

Yesterday was a great day for football in my family. My mother’s alma mater, TCU, destroyed SFA 67-7. Not to be outdone, my father’s alma mater, Arkansas St, obliterated TSU 83-10. Meanwhile the University of Minnesota, where both my parents earned their PhDs, beat Bowling Green 42-17. Rice’s game against Memphis was much closer, butContinue reading “A Great Day for Football”

Daniel Day Lewis

In between rewriting my PPIN (a 20-page paper that defines everything I stand for and analyzes my past to understand why) and pounding my way through the 20 cases we have to prepare for this week’s course on stakeholder management, I had the opportunity to watch some movies this weekend. Friday night I revisited aContinue reading “Daniel Day Lewis”

Yay, Sports!

Although I should really be studying for Finance, I must pause and say a few words about my favorite sports teams. Today I wore an old Washington Redskins t-shirt, which reminded me that I still haven’t posted about Art Monk. Monk was an amazing possession receiver for the late-80’s/early 90’s Redskins dynasty. He wasn’t theContinue reading “Yay, Sports!”