The Paris Agreement

Much has been said recently about the US pulling out of the Paris Agreement and the vast majority of it has been highly politicized by people who have never even read the agreement. Opinions are quite polarized, ranging from “It was a perfect agreement and, now that we have pulled out, the sky is falling,”Continue reading “The Paris Agreement”

Wonder Woman: Better Than Most DC Movies But…

Katie and I saw Wonder Woman today and, while it was fine to see once, I was disappointed relative to all the hype that it has been receiving as a “best ever” / “game changer” comic book movie. Following are some more detailed thoughts but WARNING: THERE BE SPOILERS BELOW!THE GOOD The action scenes areContinue reading “Wonder Woman: Better Than Most DC Movies But…”

Review: Capitalism: As If the World Matters

Capitalism: As If the World Matters by Jonathon PorrittMy rating: 3 of 5 stars This book has a good premise – that capitalism can be the SOLUTION to – not just the source of – our sustainability challenges. It has some good ideas as well: environmentalism needs more effective messages than doom and gloom proclamations,Continue reading “Review: Capitalism: As If the World Matters”