Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

Katie and I saw Last Jedi opening night, of course, and this was my initial, knee-jerk, non-spoiler reaction: mixed feelings. Some aspects I loved; some I wasn’t so sure about. Some comedy was lol; some fell flat. Some emotional beats gave me #allthefeels; some felt unearned. Some plot points confusing but mostly good tension thatContinue reading “Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review”

Blade Runner 2049 Review

I found Blade Runner 2049 to be positively captivating. It was long and slow but very immersive and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Villeneuve deftly walked the line between paying homage to the tone and style of the original and exploring new, interesting territory. It is brilliantly directed, very well acted, and realizedContinue reading “Blade Runner 2049 Review”

Family and Hurricanes and Terminators, OH MY!

We did a great deal more after our eclipse trip last month but multiple hurricanes distracted me from blogging about it! After the eclipse in Charleston, we spent a couple of days at the beach in Hilton Head. It was a bit hot and humid but it still always does my heart good to feelContinue reading “Family and Hurricanes and Terminators, OH MY!”

Dear Mr. Potter

Recently I have been listening to a Harry Potter podcast that I really enjoy and highly recommend called Dear Mr. Potter. As I’ve been getting into podcasts (Yes, I know I’m late!), I’ve been seeking out content about topics I really enjoy – which most certainly includes Harry Potter! Unfortunately the vast majority of HarryContinue reading “Dear Mr. Potter”

Hiking in Switzerland

A friend of mine recently asked me for hiking recommendations in Switzerland but, for better or worse, I spent most of my time running along the lake rather than hiking up into the mountains when I lived there. Finding myself woefully unable to advise him, I sought out hiking recommendations from my Swiss friends. HereContinue reading “Hiking in Switzerland”

The Paris Agreement

Much has been said recently about the US pulling out of the Paris Agreement and the vast majority of it has been highly politicized by people who have never even read the agreement. Opinions are quite polarized, ranging from “It was a perfect agreement and, now that we have pulled out, the sky is falling,”Continue reading “The Paris Agreement”

Wonder Woman: Better Than Most DC Movies But…

Katie and I saw Wonder Woman today and, while it was fine to see once, I was disappointed relative to all the hype that it has been receiving as a “best ever” / “game changer” comic book movie. Following are some more detailed thoughts but WARNING: THERE BE SPOILERS BELOW!THE GOOD The action scenes areContinue reading “Wonder Woman: Better Than Most DC Movies But…”

Review: Capitalism: As If the World Matters

Capitalism: As If the World Matters by Jonathon PorrittMy rating: 3 of 5 stars This book has a good premise – that capitalism can be the SOLUTION to – not just the source of – our sustainability challenges. It has some good ideas as well: environmentalism needs more effective messages than doom and gloom proclamations,Continue reading “Review: Capitalism: As If the World Matters”