Lies in Politics

Some version or another of this chart has been making the rounds on facebook: It is a summary from Politifact of the truthfulness of statements made by several prominent US politicians leading into the 2016 presidential election. Each of the politicians has made at least 50 statements rated by Politifact but, to be clear, thisContinue reading “Lies in Politics”

Four on the Fourth Race Report

Last week I raced my third annual Four on the Fourth 4-mile road race, the first event of the three-event Tour de Carrboro. Because I now have a full half year of training by power (and power data from a previous four-mile road race), I was comfortable running this race by power instead of paceContinue reading “Four on the Fourth Race Report”

Batman vs Superman Ultimate Edition Review

WARNING: THERE BE SPOILERS BELOW When I first saw Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, I was really disappointed. Now, having seen the “Ultimate Edition,” which features 30 minutes of additional footage that had been cut to make the theatrical release more “accessible,” I think it’s a better movie – still deeply flawed, but better.Continue reading “Batman vs Superman Ultimate Edition Review”

Book Review: Run With Power

Run With Power: The Complete Guide to Power Meters for Running This is a really good first effort in the nascent world of running by power. There are three potential audiences for this book: 1. Triathletes who are already accustomed to cycling by power – this book “translates” cycling power principles and training guidelines to theContinue reading “Book Review: Run With Power”

Weekend in Charlottesville

This weekend Katie and I sneaked off for a brief trip to Charlottesville, Virginia. I hadn’t been to Charlottesville since looking at colleges 20 years ago; some things have stayed the same but much has changed as well. Charlottesville is now full of farm-to-table restaurants and posh gastropubs. While much of the city was closedContinue reading “Weekend in Charlottesville”

Training Results with Power

One of the key metrics when training with power is known as Critical Power (CP) or Functional Threshold Power (FTP). It is analogous to your Lactate Threshold (LT) and, like LT, your training zones are calculated as various percentages of it. CP is effectively the amount of power you can sustain during an all-out, 1-hourContinue reading “Training Results with Power”

Tar Heel 4 Miler 2016 Race Report – This Time With Power!

Last month I competed in my third Tar Heel 4 Miler, the biggest race each year in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where I live. They offer a 10 mile version too but I lose interest once I hit double digit mileage so the 4 Miler has become one of my key races each year sinceContinue reading “Tar Heel 4 Miler 2016 Race Report – This Time With Power!”

Stryd Blog: My Background

My first post as a Stryd Ambassador was meant to introduce myself to the rest of the early adopters: Hello, follow Stryders! I’m Bryan Guido Hassin, a 37-year-old green tech startup entrepreneur based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.  I played [American] football through university (Go Rice Owls!) but now I run and play beachContinue reading “Stryd Blog: My Background”