Is the US Economy Becoming Less Free?

In our evaluation of whether the Obama administration has been terrible for the economy, the first claim we will investigate is that US’s Index of Economic Freedom is ranked #11, its lowest ever, and its 7th decline in 8 years, dropping it into the second tier of world economies. I was unfamiliar with the IndexContinue reading “Is the US Economy Becoming Less Free?”

Has Obama Changed the Economy for the Worse?

A friend of mine posted an article that presents many arguments for the complete failure of the Obama administration’s economy. Some of the claims seemed pretty hyperbolic and much of the “evidence” seemed dubious but I thought they were worth reviewing anyway. Over the next several posts I will investigate the following claims made inContinue reading “Has Obama Changed the Economy for the Worse?”

Wine Cooler Problem Solving

In addition to our wine cellar in the basement, we maintain a medium-sized wine cooler in our kitchen for bottles that are ready to drink now. Although we keep that cooler set to 13 degrees C (55 F), recently it has been reporting temperatures several degrees higher. This was perplexing as the device is onlyContinue reading “Wine Cooler Problem Solving”

Summer Track 2016 PRs

Another summer track season has come and gone and this year I was running with power. Below are my PRs from this year’s events with previous years’ PRs in parentheses: 100m: 13.6s (12.7s)200m: 28.54s (27.69s)400m: 1:05 (1:03)800m: 2:30 (2:31)1,000m: 3:17 (3:19)1,500m: 5:19 (5:21)1 Mile: 5:44 (5:51)3,000m: 11:41 (11:39)5,000m: N/A (20:14)10,000m: N/A (44:15) I didn’t focusContinue reading “Summer Track 2016 PRs”

No Proof that Hillary Clinton Took Bribes as Secretary of State

While I have never intended for this blog to be political in nature, I am still very much interested in critical thinking, challenging unsubstantiated claims, and questioning data that may be misrepresented to manipulate opinion – and these days that pretty much means talking politics! Recently I’ve heard several attacks on Democratic presidential nominee, HillaryContinue reading “No Proof that Hillary Clinton Took Bribes as Secretary of State”