Running for a Reason

This weekend I had a phenomenal experience that has changed running for me forever. I ran my first race as a volunteer for Ainsley’s Angels. It is an organization that promotes inclusion for and awareness of the special needs community by pairing up runners (“angels”) with those who can’t run the races by themselves (“captains”).Continue reading “Running for a Reason”

Final Summer Track PRs

As I detailed in my previous post, I have been running track meets this summer and steadily improving in all these new (to me) events. Here are my final PRs in all events for the summer track season: 100m: 12.7s200m: 27.69s400m: 1:04800m: 2:371,000m: 3:191,500m: 5:211 Mile: 5:523,000m: 11:575,000m: 20:14 The track meets were a lotContinue reading “Final Summer Track PRs”