Chestnut Ridge Trail Race 2014

Yesterday I ran the Chestnut Ridge 4-mile Trail Race for the second time and did pretty well, placing sixth overall and second in my age group. Chestnut Ridge was the first trail race I ran in North Carolina last year and was it ever a shock to my system. Having been used to flat roadContinue reading “Chestnut Ridge Trail Race 2014”

A Few Days En Suisse

After the grand weekend in Paris I took a detour of just a few days in Lausanne, Switzerland before returning to the States. The trip on the TGV was wonderful as always. There is just something so civilized about traveling by train: plenty of space, Wifi, more than decent meals, and the gorgeous French countrysideContinue reading “A Few Days En Suisse”

Paris and Buffett 6.0 – Day 2

We woke up [very late] Saturday morning and seized the day. Katie met her friend for some touring about and I decided to go for a run. Once again the weather was absolutely perfect and I figured I could see more of Paris running than walking. Instead of following a predetermined route, I decided justContinue reading “Paris and Buffett 6.0 – Day 2”

Paris and Buffett v6.0 – Day 1

Last weekend Katie and I took a quick trip to Paris to keep up the annual tradition of seeing Jimmy Buffett there. This time our experience was enhanced by some family and friends! My mom was there already as part of a longer trip and two of our good friends managed to time their businessContinue reading “Paris and Buffett v6.0 – Day 1”

Running for a Reason

This weekend I had a phenomenal experience that has changed running for me forever. I ran my first race as a volunteer for Ainsley’s Angels. It is an organization that promotes inclusion for and awareness of the special needs community by pairing up runners (“angels”) with those who can’t run the races by themselves (“captains”).Continue reading “Running for a Reason”

Final Summer Track PRs

As I detailed in my previous post, I have been running track meets this summer and steadily improving in all these new (to me) events. Here are my final PRs in all events for the summer track season: 100m: 12.7s200m: 27.69s400m: 1:04800m: 2:371,000m: 3:191,500m: 5:211 Mile: 5:523,000m: 11:575,000m: 20:14 The track meets were a lotContinue reading “Final Summer Track PRs”