Gone To Carolina In My Mind

Katie and I are moving to Chapel Hill, North Carolina! Those closest to us already know but it’s time to make this announcement public. Next month Katie will be beginning a PhD program in nutritional anthropology at the University of North Carolina. This process actually began more than four years ago as Katie became veryContinue reading “Gone To Carolina In My Mind”

Rice Named Top University Incubator

Rice University has selected as having the top university business incubator in the world according to a just-released study by UBI. I have been working for more than a year now to support/enhance/catalyze entrepreneurship at Rice by teaching, mentoring, and helping to launch the OwlSpark Accelerator, which received special mention in the announcement. It feelsContinue reading “Rice Named Top University Incubator”

A Spark of Entrepreneurship at Rice

Although I haven’t posted much about it on this blog, many of you know that I have spent the last year and a half helping to foster more/better entrepreneurship at my alma mater, Rice University. Six months ago I officially accepted the role of Entrepreneur in Residence at the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership, anContinue reading “A Spark of Entrepreneurship at Rice”

My Brother’s Wedding

Last weekend Katie and I went to St. Petersburg, Florida for my brother’s wedding. It was hot and humid but somehow we didn’t mind at all. Katie set us up in a B&B near all the action. It was cute, quaint, and very energy- and water-efficient, which we obviously appreciated. If anyone else is travelingContinue reading “My Brother’s Wedding”

TEDx Talk About Entrepreneurship

Last year I was honored to be asked to speak about entrepreneurship at Rice’s “Unconvention” in celebration of its centennial year. Instead of talking about lean startup, customer development, fundraising, or many of the other very well covered topics out there, I chose to focus on framework for entrepreneurship that is, well, unconventional. My talk,Continue reading “TEDx Talk About Entrepreneurship”

Weekend in NYC – Part 2

Last Saturday was a long, wonderful day in NYC. We started with brunch at Rosemary’s in Greenwich Village, not a far walk from where we were staying. The weather was wonderful for such a walk: sunny and clear, great for enjoying all the snow of the night before! Rosemary’s was excellent too. Apparently much ofContinue reading “Weekend in NYC – Part 2”