The First Follower Principle in Action

Anyone who has seen the famous TED talk on “first followers” knows the speaker’s argument that movements aren’t just started by leaders; the first follower is just as – and possibly even more – crucial to the spread of a movement than is the originator of the idea. The first follower shows everyone else A.Continue reading “The First Follower Principle in Action”

Rice Football Wins The Right Way

Yesterday, the Rice football team won its first outright conference championship since 1957! The Owls are now 10-3 on the season with the opportunity to achieve the first 11-win season in school history if they can win in the Liberty Bowl this New Year’s Eve. That won’t be easy as they will be playing againstContinue reading “Rice Football Wins The Right Way”

Enderpreneurship Part 3

This is my third and final post in my series on Entrepreneurship lessons from Ender’s Game. For the previous posts, see Part 1 and Part 2.Lead a startup the way Ender leads Dragon Army. A startup is very much like Ender’s Dragon Army: newly formed, constantly learning, and searching for patterns that work in aContinue reading “Enderpreneurship Part 3”

Enderpreneurship Part 2

This is Part 2 of my series on entrepreneurship lessons from the Ender’s Game novel. If you haven’t already read it, start with Part 1.The best entrepreneurs don’t play the game; they create a new game by playing by different rules Throughout the novel, Ender turns disadvantageous situations to his advantage by bending, breaking, orContinue reading “Enderpreneurship Part 2”

Enderpreneurship: What Andrew Wiggin Can Teach Us About Winning the Game of Entrepreneurship

This weekend’s release of the cinematic adaptation of Ender’s Game (and rereading the novel before going to see the movie) got me thinking about how many of Ender’s experiences can be translated into lessons on entrepreneurship. As I stated in my TEDx talk: we can take MANY lessons on entrepreneurship from popular myths and IContinue reading “Enderpreneurship: What Andrew Wiggin Can Teach Us About Winning the Game of Entrepreneurship”

Economic Inequality in America

Recently I’ve been seeing many facebook posts about a video describing the very lopsided distribution of wealth and income in the United States. The video is actually a year old but it has been given a new lease on life by upworthy and, at the time of this post, has more than 10,000,000 views. TheContinue reading “Economic Inequality in America”

IMD MBA 2008 Reunion in Lausanne, Switzerland

Six years ago I first set foot in Switzerland for what would ultimately become a life-changing trip. Shortly after my exhausting, exhilarating day of interviews at IMD, I received my acceptance and decided to attend the intense, transformative one-year MBA program. And shortly after that I made my very first post on this blog! ThisContinue reading “IMD MBA 2008 Reunion in Lausanne, Switzerland”

Life in Chapel Hill

Having moved into our Chapel Hill home nearly a month ago, I now have some reasonably concrete thoughts about life here. The biggest impression made on me so far is the area’s dichotomy between being a large metropolitan area of two million people but having a really small town feel. Durham may feel a littleContinue reading “Life in Chapel Hill”