Sales Forecasting For a Mobile Startup

I recently answered a LinkedIn question about sales forecasting for a mobile startup. The question:“Mobile Start-ups are not as easy to forecast, at least in my opinion, as some other types of businesses. Obviously VCs and investors understand your projections are essentially fabricated and pure guesses, but how would you go about forecasting sales ofContinue reading “Sales Forecasting For a Mobile Startup”

Entrepreneurship: Full-time or Part-time?

Someone asked the following question on LinkedIn: “Is it possible to successfully start-up a company while working on a full-time job?” Here’s what I said – what do you think? “Although we have this mythology built up about “all in” startups that raise venture capital and work 20+ hour days, most “successful” startups (that is,Continue reading “Entrepreneurship: Full-time or Part-time?”

Recommended Entrepreneurship Books

I made the following Entrepreneurship book recommendations on Quora so thought I’d share them here as well: I use the following two books as course texts in my entrepreneurship course: Effectual Entrepreneurship – Real data and evidence-based research on successful entrepreneurs The Startup Owner’s Manual – Steve Blank’s step-by-step guide to launching a venture (annoyinglyContinue reading “Recommended Entrepreneurship Books”

Entrepreneurship Advice: Growing a Consumer Web Business

A friend of mine who recently took the entrepreneurial plunge and launched a consumer web business recently asked me for some advice. Aiming to serve more people than just him with what is hopefully useful advice, I am posting my response here. This was my friend’s request: “I believe the greatest challenge my company willContinue reading “Entrepreneurship Advice: Growing a Consumer Web Business”

IMD Alumni Event in Boston

Last weekend was a wonderful trip to Boston, reconnecting with friends, classmates, colleagues, and professors! I flew up Thursday night and spent Friday in business meetings downtown + catching up with a dear friend / former colleague in Somerville. Lacking a car was no problem because Boston has a very robust public transportation system. SaturdayContinue reading “IMD Alumni Event in Boston”

Keys for US Job Creation

Last week I was honored to be asked to advise the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness about what we are doing here in Houston that has led to so much job creation while the rest of the country has been so economically stagnant. The meeting was held at Rice and was an informal roundtableContinue reading “Keys for US Job Creation”

More Sibling Bonding in Austin

Last weekend Katie and I headed to Austin to spend the weekend with my brother, Nick, and his family. As we were the chauffeurs, there wasn’t room for Max in the car, so we left him with friends. We drove up to Austin Friday evening and crashed with a friend (a friend with a dogContinue reading “More Sibling Bonding in Austin”

IMD: a Global Brand – a Global Bond

With four years now to reflect on the IMD network, I recently had two travel experiences that really cemented its value for me: Buenos Aires and Switzerland. When Katie and I went to Buenos Aires in May we were really helped along by my two IMD classmates there. They and their families met up withContinue reading “IMD: a Global Brand – a Global Bond”