If Climate Change Isn’t Happening, Why Is the Arctic Melting?

The following question was asked on LinkedIn: “After Climate-Gate, skeptics say that man-made climate chaos and global warming are not happening yet the Arctic’s melting faster. What are your thoughts, observations and views?” My response: “I’m not a an expert in climate change, but I know many such experts. They are professors in environmental science,Continue reading “If Climate Change Isn’t Happening, Why Is the Arctic Melting?”

How Do Entrepreneurs Face Their Fears?

Someone asked the following question on LinkedIn: “Everyone has a fear of something. Being an entrepreneur there are so many unknowns and big risks that have to be taken in order to grow. How have you been able to take the leep of faith?” My response: “Many of the answers so far are quite rational,Continue reading “How Do Entrepreneurs Face Their Fears?”