Traveling Recommendations for Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland

Recently I’ve had several requests from friends who have been traveling to Geneva on what to see/do. To avoid repeating myself, I’ve coalesced my responses into the following recommendations: GenevaGeneva frankly isn’t that much of a destination – it’s more of a place to live than it is to visit. While you’re there make sureContinue reading “Traveling Recommendations for Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland”

Buenos Aires: Part 1

For our one-year anniversary, Katie and I decided to go somewhere we’ve never been before: Buenos Aires, Argentina! Thanks to recommendations from many friends who have visited or lived there, we have more on our BA bucket list than we could possibly handle in a week, but we’ll certainly make a noble effort. After anContinue reading “Buenos Aires: Part 1”

A Life of Significance

In my last post I mused about my pattern of chronic overcommitment and speculated that a contributing factor might have been my father’s early death contributing to a sense of urgency to get something done before it’s too late. This is probably a bit simplistic as it neglects the motivation to do something significant in the firstContinue reading “A Life of Significance”