I’ve just returned from a transformational week back at IMD for their top-ranked High Performance Leadership program! This time five years ago I was organizing my move to Lausanne, completing pre-work assignments, and preparing for a life changing experience. As I flew across the Atlantic last week, completing preparatory work for this IMD program, I couldn’tContinue reading “IMD HPL”

Inspiring TJ Football Players

Last weekend was my 15-year high school reunion, which coincided with TJ‘s Homecoming. I was honored to be asked back by the football coach to talk to the team before the game. I’ve done this twice before and both times the team has followed up with its first win of the season. I can’t claimContinue reading “Inspiring TJ Football Players”

What is it like to attend Rice?

I was recently asked to answer the question, “What is it like to attend Rice?” on Quora. My answer: There is no better word than “magical” to describe my experience as an undergrad at Rice University. Indeed, Rice often invites comparisons with Hogwarts due to its Residential Colleges (much like being sorted into Hogwarts Houses),Continue reading “What is it like to attend Rice?”

A Meaningful Award for Smart OES

Yesterday we were honored to receive first place in the Goradia Innovation Prize competition! When I first announced that I would move back to Houston from Switzerland to launch Smart Office Energy Solutions, people thought I was crazy. “Why Houston?” “They don’t have startups there – just big oil companies!” I assured them – orContinue reading “A Meaningful Award for Smart OES”

The First Cleanweb Hackathon in Texas

Last weekend marked the culmination of a special project I’ve been working on for many months: bringing the Cleanweb Hackathon to Houston! Cleanweb is a global movement of people developing IT-based “clean” technologies instead of the traditional “cleantech” like solar and wind which require massive investments and decades to commercialize. The purpose of a Cleanweb Hackathon isContinue reading “The First Cleanweb Hackathon in Texas”

If Climate Change Isn’t Happening, Why Is the Arctic Melting?

The following question was asked on LinkedIn: “After Climate-Gate, skeptics say that man-made climate chaos and global warming are not happening yet the Arctic’s melting faster. What are your thoughts, observations and views?” My response: “I’m not a an expert in climate change, but I know many such experts. They are professors in environmental science,Continue reading “If Climate Change Isn’t Happening, Why Is the Arctic Melting?”

How Do Entrepreneurs Face Their Fears?

Someone asked the following question on LinkedIn: “Everyone has a fear of something. Being an entrepreneur there are so many unknowns and big risks that have to be taken in order to grow. How have you been able to take the leep of faith?” My response: “Many of the answers so far are quite rational,Continue reading “How Do Entrepreneurs Face Their Fears?”