Capitol 10k 2011 Race Report

Today Katie and I set new 10k PRs at the Capitol 10k in Austin, the largest 10k in Texas. Katie and I drove up yesterday and had our pre-race dinner at Mother’s Cafe and Garden. Mother’s offers great vegetarian fare and most of their produce is grown there onsite. We ate there last year beforeContinue reading “Capitol 10k 2011 Race Report”

The Most Pressing Question: How To Price Food, Energy, and Health?

I was recently invited to throw my hat in for participation in the conference on “Ecosystem Services” hosted by the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative. It is a “think tank” style event at which people from all disciplines, sectors, and backgrounds come together to address weighty topics. One question on the application was, “Which oneContinue reading “The Most Pressing Question: How To Price Food, Energy, and Health?”

Computer Science and IMD

A prospective applicant to the IMD MBA program recently contacted me to ask about how my computer science (CS) background affected my IMD experience and whether or not IMD was a good fit for him. It got me thinking, especially since I had just received an invitation to talk to the current crop of RiceContinue reading “Computer Science and IMD”

Houston Rodeo Run 10k 2011 Race Report

Last weekend I ran the Houston Rodeo Run 10k for the first time. It was my least favorite of the three 10k races I have run to date, but it was still a fun experience. My day began at 6 with cereal, almond milk, bananas, toast, avocado, and a banana. Normally I would have hadContinue reading “Houston Rodeo Run 10k 2011 Race Report”