Rice-Baylor Update

Since my post a few weeks ago about the potential merger between Rice University and the Baylor College of Medicine, I have been made aware of many new sources of information. Many thanks to all contributed these, especially to Freddy Nguyen, Lovett ’02. All active, engaged members of the Rice community should familiarize themselves withContinue reading “Rice-Baylor Update”


The last two weeks have been very, very active and full of milestones. At enistic, we’ve secured our first investors, our first resellers/installers/distributors, and–perhaps most importantly–our first clients! We still have a way to go to raise the money we need really to get this venture off the ground but this early momentum is very,Continue reading “Milestones”

GoWear fit

Having completed one week with the GoWear fit on my arm nearly 24 hours/day, I now have enough data to begin drawing conclusions about its usefulness. I’ll break down my review into nutrition, exercise energy expenditure, non-exercise energy expenditure, and sleep. Nutrition GoWear Fit’s nutrition functionality is hardly unique. It provides a web-based mechanism forContinue reading “GoWear fit”

Sound Body, Sound Mind

This was a busy, but exciting week at Enistic Inc! We secured our first client–an office building owner here in Houston–and now we’re ready to raise some money to get started. This will be my first time leading a capital raise as my previous companies were either bootstrapped or had other officers in charge ofContinue reading “Sound Body, Sound Mind”