Rice + Baylor == Yay!

Other than the split infinitive, I am very pleased to see the following: March 26, 2009 To the faculties, staffs and students of Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University: We are pleased to announce that the governing boards of Rice and BCM this week approved the signing of a memorandum of understanding that laysContinue reading “Rice + Baylor == Yay!”

Coming and Going

I just dropped my week-long house guest off at the train station (where IMD Professor Dominiq Thurpin was also taking the train to Geneve-Aeroport) for a tearful goodbye. It was a wonderful week with her in town and it felt so, so, so good to cook again–really for the first time in my 15 monthsContinue reading “Coming and Going”

Poken is encroaching on US soil!

One of my coworkers attended SXSW in Austin last week and inadvertently made a big splash for Poken. We found ourselves on the front page of techcrunch, on many US blog sites, and . . . on NPR!!! Our site traffic has doubled since then and we have completely sold out on every continent (LastContinue reading “Poken is encroaching on US soil!”

Another Weekend in Paris

I woke up early Saturday morning to take the TGV up to Paris, where I met my special lady friend, who was flying in from Houston. After some initial confusion about hotel rooms, we finally got settled just outside of the Gare de Lyon and struck out to enjoy the day. Instead of an aggressiveContinue reading “Another Weekend in Paris”

Carmina Burana

Thursday night several of us from the IMD MBA class of 2008 attended the Choire Lausanne’s performance of Carmina Burana. Although it wasn’t an amazingly executed performance, the music was, of course, great. Even better was the chance to catch up with my classmates before the show and afterward over beers at Les Brasseurs. FridayContinue reading “Carmina Burana”

Weekend in Paris Part Deux

Paris was 24 hours of awesome. My favorite wingman met me at Gare de Lyon, we dropped off my stuff–which all fit in my laptop bag–and kicked off the day with lunch in an outdoor cafe near the Louvre. The sun was shining, the people-watching was great, and we won our first battle against grapes,Continue reading “Weekend in Paris Part Deux”