Poken Is Hiring!

Poken struggling to keep up with 1,000+% growth and we are augmenting our product development team. Below is a summary of the position for which we’re hiring but, in a nutshell, we’re looking for really, really, really, really, really ridiculously awesome Java developers. Ideally you should be already in Europe but, even if not, letContinue reading “Poken Is Hiring!”

Tolkien and Workouts

I finished The Silmarillion last week and have moved on to The Hobbit. I really love the simple, fantastic Hobbit narrative. It was the hook that bought me into the rest of Tolkien‘s works (Thanks again, Lee and Sam!), which I have read and reread many times over. In many ways this is similar toContinue reading “Tolkien and Workouts”

A Country Kinda Week

I’ve moved through “G” and “H” in my music collection. This has brought with it a high concentration of country music: Garth Brooks, George Strait, Hank Williams, Sr., and Hank Williams, Jr. Although I’m not a HUGE fan of country, it reminds me of Texas and that is comforting.  I’m onto Huey Lewis and theContinue reading “A Country Kinda Week”