Parlez-vous Francais?

Another day, another milestone. Today was the first day that I conducted over half of my conversations at work in French. Woohoo! Or make that le¬†woohoo! Note that I didn’t claim that it was good¬†French. Of course, no Frenchman would claim that any of the French spoken on this side of Lac Leman is “good.”Continue reading “Parlez-vous Francais?”

A Bad Week for the NFL

This was a terrible, terrible week for the NFL! It started when Peyton Manning was knocked out of the playoffs. With no Peyton, no Favre, and no Redskins, what possible interest do I have in the postseason? And speaking of the Redskins, they had major layoffs this week and my favorite employee of theirs wasContinue reading “A Bad Week for the NFL”

The Circle Continues

Today I had coffee with four students from IMD’s class of 2009. They begin orientation on MONDAY!!!! I can’t believe that it’s starting all over again already! Part of me wants to do it again–especially since the program will be different under the new program director (who came to us from UVA–Wahoo!)–but most of meContinue reading “The Circle Continues”