ICP Client Visit in Zurich

Following is an IMD MBA Diary entry cowritten by my ICP teammate, Daniel, and me. This is Daniel’s second time working with me (We were also in the same Mod II study group.) and he hasn’t strangled me yet. Pictures of this trip are in my facebook album. You know that something has changed whenContinue reading “ICP Client Visit in Zurich”

Swiss Dairy

Last night was fantastic. The entrepreneurs behind my spring startup project, deskNet, took my group out for a celebration dinner. This was something we intended to do back in May when the project finished, but final exams, Kenya, and vacation interfered. It was nice to take a break, though, as this way they could updateContinue reading “Swiss Dairy”


Is a company’s chief allegiance to its shareholders or should it also be held accountable by other stakeholders, including employees, the community, and the environment? Should ethics be defined by the net social value of consequences to actions, fundamental rights of individuals, social contracts, or predefined virtues? How important are values in an organization and,Continue reading “Ethics”