Full Day in Naivasha

Thursday began with a jog around the premises and along the local roads with Bevan (Kiwi) and Rich (American). “Around the premises” accidentally included “through the latrine runoff area.” This required deft maneuvering to avoid stepping in human waste. I’m not sure I succeeded. Running along the roads was an experience too. All the childrenContinue reading “Full Day in Naivasha”

I Thought Kenya Would Be Hot!

My Czech classmate and I began today with a 6 AM swim in the hotel pool. It’s winter here (Southern hemisphere) and Nairobi is about 1400 meters above sea level, so it’s actually quite chilly with highs only around 65 degrees F. The air this morning was quite cool and the water even cooler soContinue reading “I Thought Kenya Would Be Hot!”

Case Studies and Beer in Kenya

Today began with something we thought we had left behind in our past: a case study! It was about two local entrepreneurs; the discussion was lead by the Dean of Nairobi’s Strathmore Business School and one of the protagonists came to provide his personal account. In the afternoon we met with the general management ofContinue reading “Case Studies and Beer in Kenya”

Povera Italia

Today’s theme was entrepreneurship, which naturally kept me very interested. We met with all kinds of Kenyan entrepreneurs, from locals pulling themselves up out of poverty to ex-pats riding the wave of growth to battered women establishing financial independence to members of the Diaspora making their prodigal returns. It was interesting to see how differentContinue reading “Povera Italia”

First Full Day in Nairobi

Today was a busy Saturday, packed with meetings with the Swiss ambassador to Kenya, the executive director of Climate Network Africa, and the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of Kenya’s Diaspora. We were also due to meet with the Prime Minister, Minister of Trade, and former Minister of Finance, butContinue reading “First Full Day in Nairobi”