Career Services

A major part of this program is career services. We spend significant time not just focusing on the “how” aspect of finding our next career but, more importantly, the who/what/where/why. What fields really motivate us and which of our skills are most valuable? How can we merge those and other factors, such as culture, toContinue reading “Career Services”


We have begun two new classes this Mod that start with “IP.” The first, Innovation and Product Design (which I first covered in March), is taught by American professor David Robertson. David comes from the software world so I’m naturally very interested in his class. His most compelling feature, though, is his utter lack ofContinue reading “IPD and IPE”

Living the Startup Dream

A major component of our IMD entrepreneurship education is the Startup Project. 18 startup companies have come to IMD asking for “help.” “Help” means anything from business strategy to market research to marketing to manufacturing and production optimization to HR to . . . any other aspect of business. Frequently they need help with severalContinue reading “Living the Startup Dream”

Jurassic IMD

Yesterday our afternoon class was interrupted by numerous loud booms that sounded (and felt!) progressively closer and closer. Theories about the source of such tremors ranged from the boring (construction of the building next door) to the outlandish (fiesty Evian launching an offensive from the other side of Lake Geneva). As I sat watching theContinue reading “Jurassic IMD”

Burning Platforms of Change

Today was our second Strategy class with Canadian professor James Henderson. He’s a bit goofy, using accents and emphatic gestures in class, but he is already impressing me with how little I apparently know about strategy–which is ostensibly one of my strong suits! Jim led the case discussion of my IMD application interview (Part ofContinue reading “Burning Platforms of Change”

Rice at IMD

Yesterday’s classes featured two prominent Rice alumni. In Entrepreneurship we covered John Doerr (class of ’73 and ’74), one of the world’s most influential venture capitalists. Later, in an etiquette class, we saw pictures of Jim Turley (class of ’77 and ’78), the Global Chairman and CEO of Ernst & Young, who apparently knows howContinue reading “Rice at IMD”

Why Would an American Study an MBA in Europe?

I was recently interviewed by Business Week for an article about European business schools and how they are attracting more and more American talent. The full article is here; my quotes are on the second page under the IMD section. What do you think, how did I do? Everything I say, write, or do atContinue reading “Why Would an American Study an MBA in Europe?”

Yay, Sports!

Although I should really be studying for Finance, I must pause and say a few words about my favorite sports teams. Today I wore an old Washington Redskins t-shirt, which reminded me that I still haven’t posted about Art Monk. Monk was an amazing possession receiver for the late-80’s/early 90’s Redskins dynasty. He wasn’t theContinue reading “Yay, Sports!”