Our International Political Economy class discussions have really heated up over the past few weeks. The topics are intentionally provocative and Jean-Pierre does a good job of mixing class time between his expert knowledge and our inter-student debate. As we have 44 countries represented in our class, it’s like participating in a mini-UN. Before ourContinue reading “Mini-UN”

Third-of-the-Way-There Update

When I left the US for Switzerland, many people asked to be updated by email every once in a while about how I am doing over here. I finally sent out my first update, one third of the way through the program. The content was as follows: To those who expressed interest in receiving periodicContinue reading “Third-of-the-Way-There Update”

The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

Today marked a momentous turning point: I went to school with no coat! The weather was warm and the sky clear. At the risk of jinxing us, I think Spring is here to stay after numerous false starts. The whole weekend is predicted to feature similarly gorgeous weather. Naturally this is probably the most work-ladenContinue reading “The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful”

International Consulting Project

The results are in! This evening we received our assignments for our International Consulting Projects (ICPs). The ICPs are projects wherein groups of four or five IMD students work on a major strategic project for companies around the world, reporting directly to CEOs or other top management. Each group works closely with an IMD facultyContinue reading “International Consulting Project”

More Rice at IMD

Today in Entrepreneurship we analyzed a case with a Belgian protagonist named Louis (silent “s”). When Benoit asked what management team Louis brought to the company he was acquiring, the answer was “Louis, Louis, Louis, Louis, and Louis.” Naturally this made me want to get up and dance to “Louie Louie” (#99 song of 1964Continue reading “More Rice at IMD”

Financial Aid

An anonymous reader posted a comment recently asking how IMD’s full-time MBAs afford the program, which isn’t cheap. Tuition and fees come to ~$75,000 (increasing to $80,000 for next year’s class). Living expenses are estimated at ~$30,000 on the year (Switzerland isn’t cheap either.) and then, of course, is the fact that most of usContinue reading “Financial Aid”