Jimmy Buffett isn’t the only music to which I’ve been listening; my march through the American pop charts continues and I just finished 1983. Although the number one song was by the Police (Boooooooo!), close on its heels were “Billie Jean,” “Flashdance,” “Down Under,” “Beat It,” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Not bad! OtherContinue reading “1983”

I Think I’m Allergic To Accounting

Today’s weather was just about perfect: 60-65 degrees F and not a cloud in the sky. It was just the type of day that reminds me of sipping Brunello all afternoon on some beautiful terrazza in Florence. For that matter, it was just the type of day that motivates me to sip wine all afternoonContinue reading “I Think I’m Allergic To Accounting”

IMD Information Sessions

For my readers who are considering an MBA in their futures, I am pleased to announce that IMD will be holding information sessions around the world over the next two months. If you would like to learn more about the school, the participants, the program, the application process, Lausanne, or anything else, I strongly encourageContinue reading “IMD Information Sessions”

I’m Hungry Like the Wolf

A major objective of our Leadership stream is to understand better the role our subconscious minds play in everything we do. One tool we use is dream analysis since the content of dreams is subconscious. I have been keeping a dream log for the past two months, waking up in the middle of the night,Continue reading “I’m Hungry Like the Wolf”

Early 80s

My American popular musical Odyssey has arrived in the early 80s and I couldn’t be more pleased. Why? Two words: Air Supply. I still remember how vehemently I disagreed with my mom as she tried to convince me that they were two male vocalists. I listened to their songs over and over again–how was atContinue reading “Early 80s”

Missed Opportunities

In Friday’s POM class, Corey focused on knowledge brokering–how to find solutions to problems instead of solving them. As part of the lecture, he walked us through his own knowledge brokering experience at HP, which led to the invention of several products. One of these products was the HP Universal Notebook Expansion Base, which IContinue reading “Missed Opportunities”