Summer Track 2015 PRs

Another summer track season has come and gone so it's time to look at how I did. Below are my PRs from this year's events with last year's PRs in parentheses:

100m: 13.1s (12.7s)
200m: 28.54s (27.69s)
400m: 1:03 (1:04)
800m: 2:31 (2:37)
1,500m: 5:23 (5:21)
1 Mile: 5:51 (5:52)
3,000m: 11:39 (11:57)
5,000m: 20:19 (20:14)
10,000m: 44:20 (44:15)

My shorter and longer distances slipped a little bit but I improved in almost all of the middle distance events.

Once again each Wednesday track night was a fun social event in addition to a track workout. We consistently went to Beer Study afterward for "recovery nutrition" and I'm already missing that weekly ritual. This week the autumn cross country series begins so it's time to shift gears from the track to the trail!

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