Chance Encounter

Yesterday was wonderful. I went to IMD to have lunch (OH how I miss those lunches!) and talk with the MBAs about careers in technology. On my way out, I debated whether or not to stick around and play a little ping pong--oh why not?! As I was playing a my first game, who should walk by but Martin, my Czechoslovakian classmate, bbb7 member, MBAT volleyball partner, and ping pong opponent. An immediate timeout was called for a big hug and overjoyed surprise.

I invited Martin to join me in ping pong so we played against two executives in doubles. Our first game wasn't pretty but Martin had just enough time for a second before he had to rush off to the train station. We barely won the second game so he HAD to stick around--whether he had time or not--for a tie-breaker. Fortunately we won the third game handily and he made his train on time.

What a fortuitous meeting. IMD truly is the global meeting place for executive ping pong!

On a more somber note, I wish all my family--both immediate and extended--a good May 28. Wow, 19 years . . .

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