Carmina Burana

Thursday night several of us from the IMD MBA class of 2008 attended the Choire Lausanne's performance of Carmina Burana. Although it wasn't an amazingly executed performance, the music was, of course, great. Even better was the chance to catch up with my classmates before the show and afterward over beers at Les Brasseurs.

Friday then was an Indian day for me. I ate my first Swiss-Indian cuisine for lunch and then stayed in all evening to do yoga and watch the new episode of The Office. Although I don't love Ashtanga Yoga (I can't listen to audio books while I'm doing it!), there is no question that my flexibility is increasing so hooray for that!

The sun is shining now and the temperature is above 42 F. If this keeps up tomorrow I'll go for my first run along the lake of 2009!

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Anonymous said...

Hassin's flexibility increasing is a very very relative term.