Can't Sleep

Even if there weren't a million things on my plate right now, I would still have a hard time falling asleep. There is just so much excitement going on at Poken right now that my mind is flooded with energizing thoughts each time I close my eyes. Some of them recount what happened today, some of them anticipate what will happen tomorrow, and some of them are completely new. The new ones especially motivate me to shirk off sleep to get up and document them in case I forget tomorrow.

This is a big week for us: another user interface update, major work on our API, and participation at LIFT,  where we'll be unveiling a little surprise. ;-) Oh well, if I can't sleep, I can at least get some work done. After all, tomorrow is a busy day--and it kicks off in just a few hours!

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Anonymous said...

Really glad to hear that things are going great.

Keep up the hard work


It is a blast to read this site and watch you help users

Cool idea

Take care