Mac Attack

This is my first ever post from a Mac--a MacBook Pro to be more precise. I know of at least one loyal reader who is smirking or even grinning widely right now. That's OK, we'll see who has the last laugh once he enters the heavily Windows-networked world of big business! No, joking aside, the Mac has been great so far, very simple and intuitive to use.

Life here at Poken is very, very hectic. Without warning our product has taken off in, of all places, Holland! Our marketing strategy has been to lay [sic] low, working on making our product serve the needs of our customers and letting our enthusiasts communicate on our behalf. This seems really to be working in the Dutch-speaking world:

Dutch Poken fan video
Dutch Poken location map - just started

We just reached 4,000 website hits/month and have tripled our number of daily website hits (many of which are now coming from Holland) since this time last month. It is so energizing to be part of this kind of momentum! Now we need to buckle down and serve our customers with a better and better product offering.


Meisje van de Slijterij said...

Well, it's nice stuff, but the people who wants to buy (first) are people in business, maybe you should make your Pokens less Childness for the professionals:-)

I came here through my stats, I made the video and am waiting for my order to arrive:-)

Meisje van de Slijterij said...

I was looking for your mailaddress, would like to show you something:-)

Anne Helmond said...

This started at the FIFI08 conference organized by XS4ALL where they handed out Poken to (business) visitors. See my blog post: FIFI2008 Conference with a lot of Poking (and a little bit of E)

During and after FIFI08 there was a lot of conversation about Poken on Twitter and a lot of people became interested in a Poken who were not present at the conference and thus did not receive a Poken.

Bryan Guido Hassin said...

Thank you for your comments and your enthusiasm for this space! We are working hard to improve our product to serve you better so we welcome your feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact me at info at doyoupoken dot com as I will receive all product-related communications. Happy New Year and stay in touch!

Meisje van de Slijterij said...

Well...I am sending them as an extra in a special box of wine, http://www.meisjesdoos.nl, extra documentation would be welcome, but I have just understand that one of you is in Amsterdam tomorrow at the meetup, so I drive there and will ask there! Thanx

dan said...

Smirk :)