The Circle Continues

Today I had coffee with four students from IMD's class of 2009. They begin orientation on MONDAY!!!! I can't believe that it's starting all over again already! Part of me wants to do it again--especially since the program will be different under the new program director (who came to us from UVA--Wahoo!)--but most of me is very, very glad to be done.

Before coffee I had my first lifting session of the year, supported by Foreigner on my MP3 player. I used to equate Foreigner with Journey but now it is clear that there is no comparison. Foreigner is good, but Journey is . . . rad. Or boss. Or any number of other 80s words for "cool" and "awesome" at the same time. Foreigner was up in the playlist because I have recently finished the "E" section of my music collection. "E" took a long time mostly because of the prolific works of Eric Clapton. I am NOT complaining, as Clapton is my favorite guitarist of all time.

I've also been listening to "Bruises" by Chairlift recently. I overheard it in a store during the holidays and now I can't get it out of my head.

Thursday I will make my first presentation, a comprehensive product roadmap, to Poken's Board of Directors. The holidays were wonderful, but it actually feels good to be back in an environment with hard, meaningful deliverables!

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