It is great being back in H-town. I just went for an early morning run in 70-degree weather around Memorial Park. True, Memorial is not as scenic as Lac Leman, but it is a welcome change that there are many other people out there running too--many of whom are pushing strollers and pulling along (or being pulled along by!) friendly dogs.

After living for a year in a 22 square meter closet (about 240 square feet) with barely a kitchen and very few creature comforts, it feels so nice to sprawl out in my nice, spacious Houston townhome. Not to sound like too much of a materialistic American, but it feels wonderful to listen to my juke box and watch HD football on my plasma with surround sound. Plus, a Nintendo Wii has magically appeared at my house and it has proven to be a lot of fun.

While that is all well and good, it pales in comparison to the feeling of being around friends I haven't spent quality time with in a year.  Skaggs and I threw the football around on Wednesday. Cox and I went out bar hopping until 3 AM on Thursday. I'll see the volleyball crowd and former roommates tonight at a Christmas party. There is so much catching up to do and I'm really enjoying it. Next week will be even better as I spend time with my family in Hot Springs--can't wait!

Today is special for another reason: my brother, who just successfully defended his PhD dissertation, is now 30 years old--and I'm not far behind him! Happy birthday, Nick, and go Navy beat Wake!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Brother! I did better on the dissertation than Navy did vs. Wake. I'm looking forward to seeing you in H-town soon!