Washington DC is on fire. This town is ablaze with excitement after Obama's victory last night. I was too jet lagged to stay awake for all the returns but he was ahead when I nodded off. Mom woke me up just after midnight for his victory speech, which was inspiring. 

I like John McCain (although I liked him a lot more before he changed positions for this election) and I respect the hell out of his endurance as a POW. Palin kind of freaked me out, though, and I really think Obama sends the best signal worldwide about a change in stance for the US. I'm happy for the Obama victory and I hope he can live up ot the great expectations we all have for him.

I also hope that he will deliver on campaign promises about energy reform, which should benefit Positive Energy, where I am about to interview for a Senior Product Manager position!

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Anonymous said...

Obama = Awesome. Go Palin for trying to reopen trophy hunting for polar bears, though. Kick 'em while they're down. God bless America. Now if only we could ban some books. Can't wait for 2012.