Allez Suisse!

We have spent the past three days in a negotiation workshop run by CM Partners. It was a great experience studying frameworks for analysis of one-on-one and multi-party negotiations. These frameworks are useful for advance preparation as well as mindfulness in the moment. The goal throughout our similated negotiations was understanding each party's interests in order to reach a wise decision for mutual gain. Of course understanding wasn't enough; we also practiced many communication techniques to keep dialogs moving in a positive direction, even in the face of "difficult" circumstances or people. We wrapped up the session this afternoon by tying it in with other IMD course themes: principled negotiation can be a great tool to help us make the world a better place.

Today is also Swiss National Day. It was celebrated with a brilliant display of fireworks over the lake, which I could see very well from my window. Now that the official fireworks are over, the private fireworks are going off with loud booms and occasional flashes in the distance. I think I'll sleep with earplugs in tonight as the "wild and crazy" Swiss get their celebration on!

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