At long last I have finished my chronological tour through American popular music. The 2000s ended my journey with more of a whimper than a bang so I really don't have much to say about them. Here are a few thoughts, though:

Although I'm no great fan of Mariah Carey's, it is impressive that she has now been cranking out hits for almost 20 years.
I'm glad that the fad formula of female vocalist + Ja Rule groaning/grunting in the background came and went pretty quickly.
There are still a number of great rock/alternative songs that aren't making it onto Billboard's charts.

Now that I have completed this musical tour and, at the same time, played through all of Jimmy Buffett's albums (35 years worth!), I almost don't know what to listen to next. However, the weather is great, which means I need something to pump me up for some beach volley. I'll just start at the top of the alphabet. Next up: AC/DC!

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