More Rice at IMD

Today in Entrepreneurship we analyzed a case with a Belgian protagonist named Louis (silent "s"). When Benoit asked what management team Louis brought to the company he was acquiring, the answer was "Louis, Louis, Louis, Louis, and Louis." Naturally this made me want to get up and dance to "Louie Louie" (#99 song of 1964 by The Kingsmen), Rice's unofficial fight song. Go Rice!

Speaking of Rice, my best friends from there are dropping like flies. One of them recently became engaged (Tanti auguri!) and another now has a serious girlfriend for the first time since . . . well, since I've known him. What does it say when, as soon as I leave, they start pairing up? Was I holding them back while I was there?? Oh well, good for them--and for their girls who have found such great guys!

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