Burning Platforms of Change

Today was our second Strategy class with Canadian professor James Henderson. He's a bit goofy, using accents and emphatic gestures in class, but he is already impressing me with how little I apparently know about strategy--which is ostensibly one of my strong suits! Jim led the case discussion of my IMD application interview (Part of everyone's application is a case preparation and discussion with other interviewees moderated by an IMD professor.) and the insights to which he led us constituted a major reason I decided to come to IMD. I found myself thinking and approaching problems in new ways; I realized that I had quite a bit to learn and, as much as I learned during my IMD interview day, I knew this was the place for me to learn it.

Today's case discussion was built around the French wine industry and what strategy it should take--as an entire industry--to fend off competition from the New World, especially Australia. Sometimes doing homework is a real pleasure; I've been preparing this case for at least 10 years!!!

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