International Wisdom

On Monday we had a cultural values exchange--in ICA/E of all places! We were divided into groups by nationality (44 different groups!) and given a list of 12 virtues. Each group was then instructed to provide at least one proverb from its country about each virtue.

Although there were many great ones, my two favorites hands-down were:

Virtue: Fidelity
Nationality: French
Original Proverb: La fidélité en amour n'est que la paresse du désir.
English Translation: Fidelity in love is just the laziness of desire.

Virtue: Temperance
Nationality: Finnish
Original Proverb: Hosumalla ei tule kuin kusipäisiä lapsia.
English Translation: Rushing won't get you anything but stupid children.


Also awesome: today in Accounting we dissected Carlsberg, a huge beer conglomerate.

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Ashley @ It's Fitting said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE... you need more translations because those just made my day :-)