Crazy Aussies

On Monday I realized that the Opera de Laussane would be presenting La Bohème this weekend and this weekend only. How could I miss such an opportunity to break free of the IMD dungeons?

I sent out a feeler email to the rest of the class to see if anyone else was interested. It came as no surprise that I received several positive responses from interested parties and, in fact, some responses from students who already had tickets. What did come as a surprise, however, was this email from Lucy, an Australian student with a petroleum engineering background:

"argh - [can't make it. However] I'm in for Carmen in May - the last time I sat down and listened to it in its entirety was at about 3am working night-shift with a bunch of crazy Norwegian riggers off the north west coast of Africa . . ."

I love it. Reason # 8,264,921 to come to IMD: rubbing shoulders with people like Lucy.

Now I can't wait for Friday's performance. Then Saturday will be cigars and Scotch/Cognac/Port with students and alumni at the 5-star Beau-Rivage Palace. This may be the closest I come all year to the post-wine-dinner environment of the Petroleum Club of Houston. What better way to relax after 9.5 hours of Finance on Saturday? Fortunately the IMD Cigar Club is a standing tradition so there will be more opportunities to partake.

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Mike Cox said...

Say hello to Taylor and Fladgate. Those two blokes sure know how to party!